For Air Filter’s Users

Air filter, engine fuel required by the oxygen reacting to the process ( O² ) containing apparatus sucking air from the outside. Air filters   are also  undertaken the task of cleaning the air from the outside.



Air filters can always provide high efficiency for the engine.

One of the main reasons for this situation, the air filter cleaning task can not perform properly.

Another reason is that the air filter is to use the hot air accumulated in the hood with the engine running.

These two cases, the engine performance losses may occur.


Air filter in order to avoid such a result, in the hood , should be placed in the most appropriate places where the weather gets cold .


The motor produces higher power; air filters use kit for receiving cold air is common.


One of the components necessary to run an efficient engine is the air filter.


The only obstacle to the air intake path of the engine air filter , which allows the transmission to the outside air sucked in the engine ‘s combustion chamber is cleaned .


To work efficiently the air filter needs to filter highly hazardous substances. The sport air filters have been developed based on this idea.

Unlike the original paper filter in automobiles, these filters are manufactured from two different materials :

Cotton – wire sponge and oil mixture (cotton ) .

Sponge permeability of the filter performance is achieved because it is much more .


However, in these filters it has a higher risk of a powder.


The oily mixture was filtered on cotton – wire, powder for they contain oil can keep better.


However, high permeability can not come up sponge.

Filters can be applied in two ways to the car ;

Open and Bin .

Bin filters achieve greater transparency attaching the car’s original filter housing.

The open filters, using an apparatus connected to the intake manifold.

Both the box and inside all the open oil filters can be cleaned and reused at periodic intervals.

Especially in open-type filter, a certain increase in power compared to the structure of the car’s engine capacity and the original air filter can be provided.


In the original filter system of the car , lost air flow, speed and density, thanks to open-type filters are becoming more effective .

The amount of air entering the combustion chamber, the combustion becomes more severe because it was more .


Thus, a certain increase in power is obtained.